9 Things to Watch in April on Netflix, HBO, and More

Spring has sprung and so has a new crop of never-ending content

The Week in Washington “The Mueller Report Should Be Public!”

Finally, President Trump and I agree on something. On Wednesday, he declared

American Idol 2019

‘Dumbo’ gets Disney live-action parade off to high-flying start

“Dumbo” achieves a minor miracle, taking a challenging animated classic and completely

Disney says its Fox takeover will take effect on March 20

Disney’s $71 billion deal to buy most of 21st Century Fox will

33 surprising facts about Lady Gaga for her 33rd birthday

Even if you call yourself a “little monster,” you probably don’t know

What Germans Get Right About Productivity

Frühstück, Rechnung, quatschen, and VoKuHiLa are among the hundreds of colorful words

These 5 Evening Routines Help You Wake Up Happy

Many successful people swear by their morning routine as the key to

How to Give Your Broken Heart a Little TLC

In Old English, the word ‘heart’ had multiple meanings: breast, soul, spirit,

Dog The Bounty Hunter Reveals Wife Beth Wants To Spend Her ‘Last Days On Earth’ Chasing Criminals

Throughout Beth Chapman‘s latest round of cancer treatments, she’s vowed to be

Johnny Depp Regrets Falling In Love With Amber Heard & Hopes His Lawsuit Delivers Redemption

Johnny Depp, 55, is not reminiscing on fond memories of his time

Inside the World’s Best Airport

Air travel can be quite the grind, with outdated terminals, underwhelming food

Europe’s controversial new copyright law is as clear as mud

Europe has approved new copyright laws that will change the internet. The

Why did prosecutors drop all charges against Jussie Smollett

Police said investigators had more than enough evidence to convict actor Jussie

A Boeing 737 Max 8 made an emergency landing after an engine problem

A Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft from the fleet that was grounded

‘American Idol’ Recap

The March 25 episode of American Idol begins with the continuation of

‘This Is Us’ Creator Teases Season 4

“Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) father is going to become a prominent part of

‘The Voice’ Recap

The first face-off of The Voice battle rounds is Team John Legend’s

Type 2 diabetes Eating this delicious spice could help lower blood sugar

TYPE 2 diabetes is common in the UK and can lead to

Egyptian researchers dig up quarry – and what they find is as mysterious as it is amazing

ARCHAEOLOGISTS working at a quarry in Egypt have made an extraordinary discovery

Vitamin B12 deficiency

VITAMIN B12 deficiency can occur when a person lacks vitamin B12. The

Best supplements for weight loss – the 1p a day natural capsules to prevent weight gain

WEIGHT LOSS supplements could help overweight or obese patients with their diet

High blood pressure The Caribbean drink which could help lower your reading

HIGH blood pressure can lead to serious health complications if left untreated,

Rare Olympic 50p coin is worth hundreds on eBay thanks to one tiny detail

EBAY is a great place to find rare coins such as the

25 Chicken Recipes

Horoscope March

HOROSCOPES: Russell Grant has shared his weekly horoscope reading for all 12

Luke Skywalker icon Mark Hamill speaks out on wait for first teaser

STAR WARS legend Mark Hamill has responded to fans persistently asking him

Behind the Scenes of Leaving Neverland

The making of Leaving Neverland wasn’t exactly magical.When director Dan Reed decided

Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Baby No. 3

Jessica Simpson is a mother of three!
The 38-year-old fashion designer has

Justin Bieber Drops $8.5 Million on Beverly Hills Home

Justin Bieber is a Los Angeles homeowner again, after five years.

Can Some Kids Outgrow Autism

Some toddlers thought to have mild autism “outgrow” the diagnosis, but most

EPA’s Methylene Chloride Ban Excludes Workers

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it will issue a rule that

Are Eggs the Cholesterol Enemy Again

Eggs, a staple of the American diet, have been cast once again

Pound workouts

Pound, an exercise class with rock-star flair, is quickly gaining fans. The

Meet Sophia The robot

The field of robotics is fast-growing. Robots can now perform complicated movements

Game of Thrones Final Season Episode Lengths Officially Revealed

Just how much Game of Thrones is left? HBO officially revealed there

When Does Daylight Saving Time 2019 Begin

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Daylight Saving Time begins

Global Climate Strike

The children worldwide protesting against lax climate change policies are trying to

Bomb Cyclone 2019

It might be looking like spring in some parts of the U.S.

The Real Cost of a Ride

Serious hobbies can be expensive, and few are quite as costly as

Horse Riding How To Start

Fight a cold by … eating yogurt

This winter, there’s a good chance you might be looking for anything

Getting kids into college poses ethical quandary for many

The Justice Department’s recent indictment of dozens of parents for lying, cheating

How to lose your love handles

If you ask almost any fitness professional how to lose your love

A Beginner’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Whether you’re swimming with sharks or leaping off the roof of a


Gian Giacomo Ferraris, CEO, Roberto Cavalli:
We are really enthusiastic about our

Chris Pratt Totally Geeks Out After Singing With Garth Brooks at iHeartRadio Music Awards

Chris Pratt had the time of his life at the 2019 iHeartRadio

Bitcoin for Everyone!

You can’t hold it, you can’t smell it, and unfortunately, you can’t

Fitness Tips for Weekend-Warrior Riders

All riders, whether professional or amateur, have the responsibility to present themselves

Evolution of Horse Riding Clothing and Fashion

Interestingly, many brands you see today are heavily inspired by the sport.

Everything you need to know about Olympic Dressage

Two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks recognised that

Sick Season headache for Parents

What Are Headaches?
A headache is pain felt somewhere in the head

‘Hoarders’ Expert Reveals….

There aren’t many of us who can click past the A&E show

Elizabeth Taylor’s Former Beverly Hills Home Gets a $4M Price Cut

Elizabeth Taylor’s former estate in Beverly Hills is ready for its close-up,

6 Things in Your Bathrooms That Are Freaking Out Potential Buyers

Bathrooms are, by design, private spaces. After all, there’s a door and

Littlecat MASTER

Not every cat can be an outdoor cat, but that shouldn’t stop

PetNet SmartFeeder

Like exercise, diet is an important factor in providing your pet with

Walking dogs is sending older people to the ER, study says

Maintaining an exercise regimen as you age is important, and having a

Facebook Just Announced a Plan to Crack Down on Anti-Vaxxers

In news that is sure to rock many a stormy mom group,

Bill Gates Reads 50 Books A Year – Find Out Why

In an interview with The New York Times in 2016, Bill Gates

5 Life-Changing Books Recommended By Top CEOs

Reading nonfiction is one of the easiest ways to learn new things,

Going on a Ski Safari in the Dolomites

You’ve done Aspen, Jackson Hole, and Big Sky. For a less predictable

Lea Michele Is Married!

Lea Michele has officially tied the knot!
People reports that the Glee

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Engaged

After two years of dating, Jennifer Lopez, 49, and Alex Rodriguez, 43,

Michael Jackson documentary

The two-part film explores allegations of sexual abuse made by James Safechuck,

World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suite, Designed by Damien Hirst

When you pull into the front driveway of Palms Casino Resort in

Hamish Bowles Uncovers a Secret Garden in Venice

The high tide had recently flooded the city’s streets and plazas, but

Danielle Bergman & Bobby Dodd ‘MAFS’ Couple Welcome 1st Child — It’s A Girl

Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd didn’t waste any time getting married —

This is What Happens to Your Body if You Eat Ginger Every Day

Ginger is one of those seasonings that adds something special to anything

Game of Thrones Star Says Shooting Epic Final Season Battle Was Really Miserable

So, it seems the episode you’ve been waiting for in the final

Versace’s Grunge Glamour Show

Don’t be surprised if you see Gigi Hadid walking around in a

Quick Guide to Olympic Jumping & Eventing


For the fist time in six years, the world’s biggest stars will


“Speak fashion, think Italian”. With this in mind we are excited to

Advertorial Amazing property dedicated to horses

Located in a very quiet and scenic part of Olivella less than

Dr. Seuss 5 Things To Know About The Legendary Children’s Author

Dr. Seuss. Not knowing that doesn’t make you obtuse! But did you

Leonardo DiCaprio Helps Free 100 Captive Whales, Because He Is An Environmental Hero

Russian authorities have ordered the release of 100 captive orca and beluga

Keith Flint 5 Things To Know About The Prodigy Singer

Keith Flint, who found fame as the lead singer of the band,

Milan Fashion Week

When it comes to the Big Four fashion weeks, Milan is notable

Kendall Jenner Buys Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s Hollywood Hills Mansion for $6.5 Million

She recently complained that she did not have enough closet space for

Karl Lagerfeld’s most controversial quotes

Karl Lagerfeld will be remembered for many things, from his transformation of

SpaceX Dragon capsule completes ISS docking in major breakthrough for NASA space programme

SPACEX’s Dragon capsule has successfully docked with the International Space Station, marking

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 is important when it comes to healthy function of the

5 Quick Steps To Look Like The Super Mom You Are

Even if you have a great skin post birth, it’s best to

Royalty, Horses & Fashion

The relationship between horses and fashion has a long history. Horse

Grey’s Anatomy’s Milestone Episode Is the New Meredith Grey At Her Best

Has there ever been a party on Grey’s Anatomy that didn’t go

‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Revival Is Official

This is the ultimate ’90s throwback! The Beverly Hills, 90210 revival is