Happy Labor

Some of you surely had their share of interesting, and sometimes even borderline funny moments during and before giving birth. Perhaps at the time you didn’t feel like laughing about it, but looking back at it now it puts a smile on your face.

Does giving birth really has to hurt? Absolutely not! Your attitude towards it is very important, the more you are afraid and overthink it too much, the more probable it is that you will actually feel unpleasant before it, mainly because of stress.

I remember during my labour, I was surprised how fast it went by, I felt little to no pain and I barely remember a thing from it now. I wasn’t even aware that it already started, I remember wanting to ask the doctor can I go to the bathroom before they start, but before I even knew it I was already giving birth… and after a few minutes I held my son in my arms.

The so-called journey that you will take with your child during giving birth and before is a wonderful experience, but to make it a positive one, you should prepare for it properly, like on a good road trip. You have to train your body, mind, and spirit, aquire some newfound traits, and take the right things, of course. It will allow you to not only feel secure, but also feel comfortable and joyous.

How to prepare for childbirth?
  • From the very start of the pregnancy drink pregnancy tea, to strengthen yourself and prevent illnesses
  • Starting at 35th week, drink 1 cup of pregnancy tea in the morning and in the evening
  • From 32th week be always at the ready, keep your hospital bag with supplies around you
  • Go to a childbirth-school, but make the proper research and make sure you choose the right one for you
  • Eat well, eat healthy
  • Watch your weight gains
  • Sleep enough, at least 8 to 10 hours a day, take an additional nap during the day, if possible
  • React to your body’s needs (always rest when you are tired, don’t ignore your “pregnancy needs”)
  • Stay active – sign up for yoga or gymnastics for pregnant women, take walks, or swim (after consulting your doctor)
  • Avoid ciggaretes, chemical additions to food, alkohol, chemical drugs, “junk food”, use natural economic products
  • Avoid stress
  • Take care of your intimate parts through massage
  • unikaj stresu
  • przygotuj okolice intymne, poprzez masaż krocza
  • When the cramps begin make sure you are in the right condition to produce birth hormones – dim light, peace and quiet, security