Newborn baby at home

Before you bring your baby home, remember about your health during pregnancy.

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In this topic we will be telling you what to expect during the first days with your newborn baby at home, as it might get a bit more complicated than you think, but don’t panic, it is nothing that you cannot handle, especially with these helpful tips.

First of all it is worth considering taking parental classes, as they can help you prepare for some of the things that will happen during the first weeks, and provide base information, like how to feed your newborn and day-to-day care.

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It is important to decide early on whether you’ll be breastfeeding or not (breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for your baby, so it is well worth considering, if possible).

Next up, how will you know if your baby is eating enough, or too little? As we know not many newborns will behave in the same way as most guides will tell you and eat regularly every three hours. Your baby might eat during the day and at night as often as every hour, and then can have a longer break. It often happens in the first weeks, as the baby adapts to his new home and surroundings.


It is helpful to write down the hours of feeding: Newborns should eat from seven to twelve time a day, and need diaper changes even six times a day.

Remember that a couple-days old baby’s body weight lowers, so do not be alarmed when it happens during his stay in the hospital, because as soon as you take your baby home it will start gaining weight again (he will grow out of his little clothes, as you will probably notice very fast).


It is also important to remember that your newborn might not only cry because of hunger, he might also be too hot or too cold, maybe he’s uncomfortable, or he simply wants to be held (it is one of the most important things to keep your baby close and held as often as possible, the baby needs it more than you think). The close contact he will have with you during the first day will help him acclimatize in the world.

Remember not to overdo family visits, as it actually might not be too good for the baby, who needs rest and quiet even more than you do during these days, so it is best to hold off the aunties visits and pictures until later.

Speaking of rest, while your little one sleeps, you should use this time to take a nap, grab a shower, or spend a few minutes just for yourself. Anything you can do to recharge your batteries between feeding, burping, changing, and cuddling will help.


We wish you only the happiest and best moments with your newest family member, as being a happy mother will surely reflect positively on your little ones well being, even during their first weeks, as even then they already feel and understand more than you are lead you to believe. Good luck!