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Winds of Winter Will George RR Martin kill THIS character in next Game of Thrones book

FANS have been speculating over who could meet a sticky end in the Winds of Winter prologue.

The book still doesn’t have a release date, but speculation and theorising over what could happen is keeping the fandom occupied until it finally lands. And a recent interesting discussion over on the A Song of Ice and Fire board on Reddit has been talking about who George RR Martin will dispose of in the prologue.

Generally speaking, whoever narrates the prologue in ASOIAF books dies. So who next?

Sparking the discussion, Reddit user VarysIsAMermaid69 wrote: “There is an unspoken rule that whomever narrates the prologue dies in it, so in my opinion the person that we shall see bite the dust shall be none other then Ser Illyn Payne.

“Why? Well [Martin] has stated that Jeyne Westerling shall be present in the Prologue so that narrows down the potential victims tremendously. Ser Illyn Payne is travelling with that group.

“I believe that Ser Illyn Payne and company will be attacked by Arya’s pack and she will cross another name off her list.”

The theory has been upvoted by 79% of readers.

But one pointed out: “It’s also generally a very minor, often unknown character [who dies in the prologue]. Ilyn Payne seems too high-profile to me… I mean, look at past prologue PoVs.”

Indeed, the past prologue narrators have been Will, Cressen, Chett, Pate and Varamyr.

Someone else said: “I too would absolutely love Illyn as the prologue POV. It would be a fascinating character study, the thoughts of a mute, with tons of perspective, an eyewitness to events untold.

“The only other possible character (for me at least) that would be more intriguing for a prologue, would be Patchface or Hodor.

“I know, I know … a Hodor Pov, that’s why I don’t write books.”

Before TWOW finally hits shelves, Game of Thrones returns to TV for its final season in April.

Martin has clarified that the next book – the sixth of a planned seven in A Song Of Ice and Fire – remains his top priority.

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