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Inside Fancy Room, the fair section dedicated to lifestyle, Unduetrestella, the art and design communication project for kids devised by Paola Noé and based in Milan, reveals a preview of some of the new ideas selected for Milan Design Week 2019. For over ten years Unduetrestella has been presenting design names and projects for little ones that are always new and which have been discovered thanks to careful research and international scouting. The names for this edition include: for the first time in Italy Mini Home (Finland) created by the legendary Finnish designer Eero Aarnio; the brand new project by Pieces of Venice (Italy) that recovers the materials of Venice and its lagoon and transforms them into design objects for young and old; the must-have book Design for Children by Phaidon Press (United Kingdom) that documents the evolution of design for infants, children and more; the building bricks made from all the varieties of Japanese wood from Mokulock (Japan); the all natural wood miniature supermarket by Erzi (Germany); the boxes of organic chocolate and the animals to assemble and collect of PLAYin CHOC (United Kingdom); the light, colorful mobiles of Tricot by Tricot (France); the creations in minimal, simple fabric by Nogaravin (Poland); the 100% made in Italy fleece creations by the Boo-lab brand (Italy); the series of embroidered pillow cases and knitted shawls inspired by the fairy tales of Paola Sala (Italy); and, like every year, the baby-care and family products by Linea Mammababy (Italy).

Original article:  http://www.pittimmagine.com/en/corporate/fairs/bimbo/news/2019/unduetrestella.html