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An icon. Even more than that, a teacher of style (and life). Barbie, the most highly sought after doll of little girls, is at the eve of an important birthday: 60 years, and she looks like a million bucks. It was 9 March 1959 when Mattel first launched her at the New York Toy Fair. As the one responsible for making entire generations dream, with the perfect outfit for every occasion, she will be among the protagonists of Pitti Immagine Bimbo 88 with an exhibition that retraces the evolutions of her outfits and an exceptional partnership with an important Italian brand.

From 17 to 19 January 2019, in the Polveriera, it will be possible to retrace the 60 years of Barbie’s history and admire a preview of the capsule collection by Patrizia Pepe, which has accepted the challenge laid down by Mattel of inspiring girls worldwide through play and fashion, while helping them to discover their very own potential.

Since she first came into being, Barbie has played multiple roles, while undertaking more than 200 different careers. Ever-evolving and always up-to-date, thanks to the power of her outfits, she has shown it’s possible to not only be a princess, but also a career woman, and pass from sportswear to 12 cm-high heels without losing any allure. In her, girls can see whatever they might desire and, by using their imaginations, their self-awareness increases alongside the goals they would like to achieve.

In addition to the Patrizia Pepe capsule collection, the 60th anniversary of Barbie will be celebrated through other events and important licensing projects characterizing all of 2019. Zàini will produce a collection of exquisite and sophisticated handmade chocolate bars, while Caffarel will create a line of exclusive products for the channel of baked goods. Finally, Sergio Tacchini, will design a tennis shoe capsule collection, for girls and adults, and a commemorative T-shirt for the 60th anniversary.

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