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Snapchat added a bunch of multiplayer games you can play with your friends

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, announced at its Partner Summit on Thursday that games are being rolled out for the popular mobile app. The new initiative — appropriately titled Snap Games — features a variety of multiplayer titles built exclusively for the social service, including a title developed by Snap called Bitmoji Party.

Inspired by Mario Party, the first-party game includes four mini-games that you and your friends will compete in using your Bitmoji avatars. Up to eight players can participate, and the game supports both voice and text chat, so you can talk trash or root for your friends as you duke it out for the top spot.

In addition to developing its own game, Snap has teamed up with several other developers for the launch of Snap Games, including Spry Fox, PikPok, and Zynga — each of which has had success in mobile and online games in the past. Snapchat shared descriptions of each of the games on the app in a press release:

Bitmoji Party – (Snap Inc.) – Snap’s flagship, first-party IP for Snap Games features you and your friends, brought to life in 3D as your Bitmojis as you compete across four fast-paced mini-games: PoolParty, Kick Off, Spin Session, and Zombie Escape.

Alphabear Hustle – (Spry Fox) – Alphabear Hustle is a fast-paced cooperative word game with a twist. Players can work together to spell words, collect cute bears, and build their own personal bear village.

C.A.T.S. (Crash Arena Turbo Stars) Drift Race – (ZeptoLab) – C.A.T.S. is a multiplayer racing game that invites up to 6 players to use boosters scattered along the track to race faster, or slow down opponents. Along the way, collect new vehicles from the C.A.T.S. universe.

Snake Squad – (Game Closure) – Snake Squad is a multiplayer battle-royale game. Choose your favorite avatar to go into battle and guide your snake around the battlefield with your squad to grow larger to eliminate your competition.

Tiny Royale – (Zynga) – Tiny Royale™ is a fast, fun top-down battle royale game — the classic battle royale experience, re-invented for the Snapchat platform. Squad up with friends or go solo during quick 2-minute rounds to loot and shoot your way to victory until only one player—or team—remains.

Zombie Rescue Squad – (PikPok) – Team up with your fellow Zombie Rescue Squad friends to enter the front lines of the zombie apocalypse. Rescue survivors from the hungry hordes and gather as many supplies as you can. But if you miss the helicopter to safety, you’ll be left behind!

More games will be added to Snap Games down the line, but as Snap told Engadget, the platform will be closed, unlike Facebook Messenger and other similar services. This will limit the number of games made for Snapchat, but it will also allow Snap to curate the best titles it can find or create rather than throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. You can try the first selection of games right now from the Chat bar.

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