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Erdem Put This Drugstore Staple to Glamorous Use at London Fashion Week

Today at Erdem, models’ heads hosted a variety of eye-catching accessories. But amid the line-up of bloom- and bauble-bedecked beanies, embellished headbands, and showgirl-inspired headpieces, one drugstore detail quietly stole the show: the single bobby pin. For a handful of models, pins positioned on one side of a slicked finger wave kept the stylized look in place while making the case for the humblest of additions.

Aside from utility, the well-placed pins, secured by hairstylist Anthony Turner, played up the runway’s metallic inclination. Silver foils adorned a handful of lids—the ethereal application contributing to what seems to be a burgeoning fall 2020 favorite—while a selection of the shellacked coifs were made all the more memorable with an allover finish of sterling spray. Over-the-top beauty is one of the best aspects of fashion month; after all, the runways are nothing if not an opportunity to enjoy aspirational takes on coming trends. But a pared-down note in a sea of exaggeration serves as a welcome reminder that sometimes, the strongest aesthetics are built of simple elements.

Photo: Corey Tenold

Original article: https://www.vogue.com/article/erdem-fall-2020-beauty-hair-makeup-finger-wave-bobby-pin