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The Batman: ‘HOLY S***’ Fans in MELTDOWN as Matt Reeves reveals epic batmobile

THE BATMAN fans were thrilled when the film’s director Matt Reeves suddenly revealed first look pictures of the new batmobile car on his official Twitter page.

DC Comics character Batman has undergone several reboots over the years, and the latest sees Matt Reeves take the helm. It was confirmed Twilight star Robert Pattinson would be taking on the role last year, and while the unexpected casting choice was met with a considerable amount of backlash, fans have finally gotten used to the idea. And a first look at the film’s first scenes has been revealed.

Earlier this year, the first official picture of Pattinson in the Batman suit was released.

This was then followed by a brand new teaser trailer showing the actor in character.

But now the film producer has delivered three new pictures of Pattinson and the new and improved batmobile, and fans couldn’t cope.

Flocking to the comments, people devoured the images before sharing their thoughts.

One person lamented: “Sigh…nothing will ever live up to this again huh.”

“Now people will complain that the car is too ‘Mad Maxy’ In other words, you can’t satisfy everybody,” another posted.

A third enthused: “YYUUUUP YUP YUP.”

While a fourth declared: “YUP YES F*****G LOVE YOU.”

A fifth noted: “Matt Reeves smashed Planet The Apes franchise, I have faith he’ll do The Batman justice.”

And a sixth said: “IT’S BEAUTIFUL.”

Some fans joked about the slick black vehicle, with one posting: “That exposed engine is going to be great for deflecting bullets.”

“THE DARK AND THE FURIOUS,” another teased.


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