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Priyanka Chopra in talks with Avengers Endgame directors about ‘future project’

The Bollywood star featured in Baywatch in 2017 and now looks set to work with Avengers Endgame directors The Russo Brothers. Joe Russo was in India today promoting the upcoming Marvel epic when he confirmed the news. According to Hindustan Times, the director was asked if he would work with an Indian actor in the future. Russo replied: “I’d love to work with Priyanka.”

Smiling, he added: “I’m smiling only because we’re potentially talking to her about something, I’m just not going to say what yet.”

Could she be about to enter the MCU as a new superhero?

Sadly, this may not be the case since The Russo Brothers aren’t set to make another Marvel movie just yet. They’re certainly not shutting the door on the studio after Avengers Endgame, but it’s unlikely they’d be working on another Marvel project so soon after the conclusion to the Infinity Saga. India is the first stop on Avengers Endgame’s press tour and Russo has loved visiting fans there. He added: “India is incredibly important. It’s the fastest growing market in the world for Marvel.”

Last week he teased the “unique” tone and genre of the Marvel epic. Asked about the tone and genre of Avengers Endgame, Joe said: “That’s a tricky one to answer without giving anything away.” He added: “But I will say that the movie is definitely unique in tone. “It has its own spirit that’s different than Infinity War, which is why I was keen for us to separate the movies.”

“Of course, we’re handing off narratives and it’s been serialised over 22 movies. But, it’s different tonally than Infinity War and it is told from a different point of view.

“It was important for us in our minds as film directors to separate those two because we do not want to make the same movie twice, and ways that you can differentiate films are through tone and point of view.”

Original article: https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/1108339/Priyanka-Chopra-Avengers-Endgame-directors-Joe-Russo-Brothers