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Non Hazardous Paint For your Nursery

Whatever color you use, a baby’s room must be a great place to show the joy. Some years ago paint was pretty toxic, because there was no other options parents used the for their babies rooms.

Todays technology  in paint production gives us many options, so we can control what paint we use and with that option we choose what our children breathe in our homes. Whit the knowlegde of dagerous paints today when buying paint, we can choose to go green.

First thing to do is to check if the paint contains lead. Paints used before year 1978 usually were lead based paints. Lead paint that is in good condition is not that bad, but when it starts to deteriorate for example peel, crack, chalk or chip it becomes a hazardous material. Lead is then transported into the air and travel inside the human body, we all know that lead is poisonous to our bodies.

So if it’s bad for grow ups it is even more hazardous for little babies. When paint starts to chip it turn to dust around doors and windows from the friction of movement and it can be easily inhaled into from the air.This dust also falls to the floor, and as the baby begins to creep around at six months or so, she or he gets microscopic dust particles on their hands, which then go into their mouth. This dust can also be found in the soil outside the windows and doors. When choosing paint for your babies’ room go green, he have that option today. It’s better for your little ones and you.