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Fisher Price Soothe ‘n Play Light Show

An engaging light show to help soothe and delight baby. It’s one of baby’s first toys – but don’t over think it! With two modes, it has just what you need to help keep baby happy.  Self-Soothing Mode helps calm and comfort your little love for naptime or bedtime.
Interactive Mode sets the scene for playtime. Mobile plays 30 minutes of soothing music, white noise and nature sounds. And when baby’s awake, switch to Interactive Mode for lights and sounds that respond to baby’s touch. It’s as mesmerizing for you as it is for baby.For more information and buying options click here.

• Two mode options: Self-Soothing and Interactive
• Customize with up to 30 minutes of calming music, white noise and nature sounds
• Cozy & cool – lights, sounds and music help soothe & comfort baby in the crib
• In Interactive Mode, lights and sounds are activated by baby’s touch!
• Easy-breezy control panel – accessible & simple to operate

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