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Dream Kardashian, 2, Helps Brother KingCairo, 6, Build A Fort & Gives Blac Chyna AKiss In Cute Videos

Blac Chyna, and her daughter Dream Kardashian, 2, and son King Cairo, 6, had the ultimate Sunday pajama party together! The reality star shared three videos on Instagram, September 8, that showed their day of cooking and building a fort together in the living room of Chyna’s home. Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni, 47, even helped cook dinner, which included fried chicken.

In the first video Chyna posted, she can be seen holding onto Dream’s hands as the 2-year-old does a backflip. King Cairo is in the background of the clip, doing a flip on Chyna’s white couch.  “Mornings with the babies are the best,” she captioned the video. King, who Chyna shares with her ex, Tyga, made sure his epic flip was caught on camera, asking, “Did you get me in the background?”, to whoever filmed the video. Chyna shares Dream with ex-fiance Rob Kardashian.

The second video shows Tokyo Toni in the kitchen, whipping up a creamy concoction. It’s unclear what exactly she’s mixing in the video, but she was hard a work. Chyna also showed off two pans of sizzling fried chicken, which featured the mother-daughter duo cracking up laughing together. “Frying that good chicken,” Tokyo says in the video, adding, “Big momma’s back baby!” Chyna captioned the post, “Cooking with my mom on this wonderful Sunday”.



(Video credit: Instagram/Blac Chyna)

The third and final video, which is the cutest one, Chyna shows the fort that “Kingy” built for her and Dream out of white pillows and blankets. She’s filming as she steps into her spot, designated by her son. King can be seen tucking his mom into her spot.

“Mom, you know who built this?” King asks, explaining, “Dream didn’t help me, she just helped me with the floor. I built the walls. I helped her with the floor. Actually I did all of it.” Chyna then shows herself cuddled up with her kids as she kisses Dream on the forehead.

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