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Chris Brown & DaniLeigh’s ‘Close’ Relationship: How She Feels About His Flirty Comment

Chris Brown, 30, and R&B singer DaniLeigh, 24, dropped the video for their song “Easy (Remix)” in June and their on-screen chemistry was hard to miss. So naturally, when Chris left flirty comments on DaniLeigh’s Aug. 5 Instagram post it got everyone wondering if things have turned romantic. And, while it’s all love between these two, it turns out they’re firmly in the friend zone. A source close to DaniLeigh tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she didn’t take the comment from Chris seriously.

“Chris and DaniLeigh are really close friends, there is nothing romantic going on between them whatsoever,” says our source. “DaniLeigh thought Chris’ comment on her post was absolutely hysterical and she knows he was just being playful. Their relationship is completely platonic and is solely based off creating music. They had an amazing time working together and respect each other as artists.”

This is by no means the first time that Chris has left a flirty IG comment and, according to a friend of the Indigo singer, it probably won’t be the last. “Chris is a flirt at heart,” says our source. “He was just having fun with DaniLeigh. It is his personality to be fun and goofy and flirty. There is a fun loving side to Chris and he was just having fun leaving that comment. They both knew what they were getting into with it. They are nothing more than friends. They were goofing around and playing with trolls that think it might be something different.”

One romance rumor in Chris’ life that still hasn’t been cleared up is his status with Ammika Harris, 26. Breezy has been linked to the stunning model ever since multiple reports from June 14 claimed that they’re expecting their first child together. If the reports are true, that means Chris will be welcoming his second child. He also shares a five-year-old daughter, Royalty Brown, with Nia Guzman.

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