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‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap Arya & Gendry’s Relationship Takes A Turn & Jon Tells Daenerys The Truth

Jaime stands before Daenerys, Sansa, Jon Snow, and the rest of Winterfell after his arrival. Daenerys still holds a major grudge against Jaime for killing her father, The Mad King. Jaime has come to Winterfell without Cersei’s troops and Daenerys is furious about that, too. “She lied to me as well,” Jaime says. He admits Cersei never had any intention of sending her troops north. Daenerys asks Jaime why he’s here. “I promised to fight for the living,” he says. “I intend to keep that promise.”

Tyrion speaks for his brother. Sansa, on the other hand, surprisingly agrees with Daenerys. She doesn’t trust Jaime. Jaime refuses to apologize for his past misdeeds. House Stark and House Lannister were at war and he says he’d do it all again. “The things we do for love,” Bran quips out of nowhere. Jaime is shaken over Bran’s words, which are the same words Jaime said to Cersei before pushing Bran out the window in season one.

“This goes beyond loyalty,” Jaime continues. “This is about survival.” Brienne stands up for Jaime as well. She tells Daenerys and Sansa how Jaime defended her and lost his hand in the process. She also reveals to Sansa how he fulfilled his oath to Catelyn to protect her through Brienne. Brienne says she’d fight alongside Jaime. Sansa trusts Brienne with her life so she wants Jaime to stay. Jon Snow wants to let Jaime stay as well. He needs all the troops he can get. When everyone has left the room, Bran is still staring back at Jaime. Daenerys is 50 shades of angry at Tyrion for believing Cersei. If Tyrion can’t see beyond his sister’s manipulation and lies, then she’ll find another Hand of the Queen.

Arya goes to see Gendry, who is looking all hot and bothered, to get an update on her weapon. They start talking about the White Walkers. Gendry is clearly scared, as everyone should be, about the battle. He’s seen the White Walkers. He knows what they can do. Arya’s not afraid to stare death in the face once again. “I know death. He’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one,” Arya says while throwing daggers perfectly. When Arya walks away, Gendry looks very impressed.

Jaime goes to see Bran at the weirwood tree. “I’m sorry for what I did to you,” Jaime tells Bran, who is not angry with Jaime at all. Everything that has happened has led to where they are now. Jaime had a role to play in this story. Later, Jaime chats with Tyrion while walking around Winterfell. They discuss Cersei and Jaime believes Cersei isn’t lying about being pregnant. Tyrion knows he was fooled by his sister and Jaime thinks he was, too. But that’s not the case. Jaime’s always known exactly who Cersei was and he loved her anyway. Tyrion is convinced he’s going to die at Winterfell and jokes that at least Cersei won’t get to murder him. As Tyrion is chatting away, Jaime is staring down at Brienne preparing for the fight. Brienne asks Jaime why he’s really here and why he hasn’t insulted her at all since he got here. “I’m not the fighter I used to be,” he tells Brienne. “I’d be honored to serve under your command if you’ll let me.” This is a defining moment for Brienne and Jaime. They’ve come so far.

Daenerys tries to get through to Sansa and get on the same page. Sansa reiterates that Tyrion is a good man. “He never should have trusted Cersei,” Daenerys says. Sansa claps back, “You never should have either.” Then the conversation shifts to Jon. “He loves you, you know that,” Sansa says. She doesn’t think Jon is acting in his best interests. “Men do stupid things for women,” she continues. Daenerys brings up a solid point. Her main goal for her entire life has been to take back the Iron Throne. Now she’s on the other side of the world fighting Jon’s war. “I’m here because I love your brother and I trust him and I know he’s true to his word,” Daenerys tells Sansa. Sansa asks what happens after the war. “I take the Iron Throne,” Daenerys quickly says. That’s not the answer Sansa wants to hear. “What about the north?” Sansa asks. Sansa’s loyalties are crystal clear once again. She wants the Starks to rule over the north and no one else. Before this catfight gets any worse, Daenerys and Sansa get word of another arrival — THEON! “I want to fight for Winterfell, Lady Sansa, if you’ll have me,” Theon says. She tears up and hugs him.

Tormund, Beric, and Dolorous Edd arrive from Last Hearth. They tell Jon the dead got there first. Tormund’s main question? “Is the big woman still here?” he asks, talking about Brienne. The crew gathers around Jon to discuss the plan of attack. “Our enemy doesn’t tire. Doesn’t stop. Doesn’t feel,” Jon says. This will not be a typical fight. The goal is to get to the Night King. Jaime doesn’t think the Night King will ever expose himself. “He’ll come for me,” Bran says. “He’s tried before many times with many Three-Eyed-Ravens.” Bran explains that the Night King wants an endless night and to erase the memories of the living. Bran reveals the Night King always knows where he is because of the mark on his skin. Bran wants to lure the Night King out into the open and will wait for him in the godswood. Theon chimes in saying he’ll stay with Bran and defend him.

Daenerys wants Tyrion to stay in the crypt during the battle. Tyrion has fought before and wants to do it again. “You’re here because of your mind,” she tells him. “If we survive, I’ll need it.” Tormund decides to ruin the mood by saying, “We’re all going to die. At least we’ll die together.” When everyone walks out, only Bran and Tyrion are left. Tyrion wants to hear about Bran’s story before they die.

Arya comes across The Hound while wandering around Winterfell. Beric shows up and Arya admits that he’s off her kill list. She leaves The Hound and Beric behind because she doesn’t want to spend her final hours with them. She goes to practice with her bow and arrow. Gendry brings her the weapon she asked for. Arya wants to know what Melisandre wanted with him all those years ago. He explains the strange situation, how she wanted his blood for a spell because he’s the bastard son of Robert Baratheon. Arya asks about his past with women. She wants to know how many women he’s been with. He tells her three women. Arya knows her life could be ending very soon. “I want to know what it’s like before that happens,” she tells Gendry before kissing him. They strip each other down and he sees the scars on her body. “I’m not the Red Woman. Take your own bloody pants off,” Arya says before they have sex.

Tyrion, Brienne, Jaime, Davos, Podrick and Tormund all gather by the fire for their last night before the battle. Tormund tries to flirt with Brienne when he sees Jaime. They all start drinking. Tyrion admits that he thinks they’ll survive the battle. The subject of knights is brought up. Tormund is shocked that Brienne is not a knight. When Brienne explains that women can’t be knights, Tormund says, “F**k tradition.” Amen, brother. Jaime realizes that any knight can make another knight so he decides to knight Brienne right then and there. This is all she’s ever wanted. Jaime is the first to say her title — Ser Brienne of Tarth, a knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

Sam gives Heartsbane to Jorah, who vows to use it in his father’s honor. Missandei and Greyworm kiss before he heads off to battle, while Arya and Gendry lie in bed together. Daenerys goes to see Jon in the crypts. He’s standing by his mother’s statue. She begins to talk about Rhaegar. She still only knows the story Robert told everyone, that Rhaegar raped Lyanna Stark. “He didn’t,” Jon says. “He loved her.” He explains Rhaegar and Lyanna were married in secret and had a son. Lyanna made her brother, Ned, promise to protect her son. “My name… My real name is Aegon Targaryen,” Jon tells Daenerys. Daenerys can’t believe what she’s hearing. Jon says that Bran saw it and Sam confirmed it at the Citadel. She doesn’t want to believe this. “It’s true, Dany. I know it is,” he says. The realization falls over her face. Jon is the last male heir of House Targaryen. He has a claim to the Iron Throne, a stronger one that she does. Before they can discuss this any further, they hear the call that the battle is about to begin. Everyone gets into place for the battle ahead. The final moment of the episode features Tyrion staring out at the darkness. The Night King’s army is close.

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