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Best Soaking Boots for Horses

If you are an equestrian, having soaking boots for horses available to use can be very beneficial to have around. Horse soaking boot are used to help hoof conditions such as abscesses, thrush, bruising and puncture wounds. Hot water and Epsom salt or medication are mixed together and added to the boot to soften the hoof and draw out infection.

How to Choose Soaking Boots for Horses, What You Have to Consider

There are several different types of soaking boots you can purchase for your horse. There are short, tall and disposable soaking boots. You’ll need to consider size, style, height, and price when buying a soaking boot.

Short soaking boots can be great because they are easy to put on and easy to adjust. They are durable and are efficient at soaking feet.

Tall soaking boots are simple to use and adjust. They work great to soak hooves as well as ice legs.

Disposable soaking boots are simple to use and are convenient. They are a good option to have around, as you don’t have to worry about cleaning them out to reuse, saving time. They are designed to fit all sizes of horses.

You also want to take into consideration if your horse is wearing shoes. A disposable bag is more likely to tear if your horse is wearing shoes. If your horse does have shoes on, you will want to make sure you get a durable boot that either is sized or adjustable.

What are the Advantages/Benefits of This Type of Product?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for horses to get hoof ailments or leg injuries. Having a soaking boot around can prove to be very helpful when treating hoof problems. Soaking boots are efficient for icing legs and medicating hooves.

You don’t have to worry about your horse stepping out of the medicated treatment, as the boots can be adjusted to be snuggly fitted. It is easier to use than place a horse’s hoof in a bucket and worrying about them standing still.

Things to Look for / Attributes That Differentiate These Products

When looking for a soaking boot, there are some things you want to take into consideration. You want to get a boot that is adjustable, so it is properly fitting and will not be too loose. You also want to make sure that the boot is durable, as it can be easily worn down from the horse’s hooves if it is not a hardy material.  

Not all soaking boots can be adjusted, which can make it difficult for it to stay on your horse’s hooves. It is also helpful to have a soaking boot that you can order in different sizes, as it will better fit your horse’s hoof.

Having a durable soaking boot will also ensure that the boot will last longer. A durable boot allows the hoof to get better treatment from the medicine and will hold up from the wear of being on a hoof.

Long boots are great if you are also needing a product to ice horses’ legs. They are often easily adjustable and come in different sizes.

Short boots are ideal for a compact hoof soak. They fit securely and are an ideal option if your horse doesn’t standstill. They are also a good choice if your horse must wear a boot for a while.

Disposable boots are quick and easy to use. They are simple to fill and put on, making them a good choice for a fidgety horse that often needs hoof treatment.

What’s the Best Way to Use This Product?

Soaking boots are used to treat common hoof ailments such as thrush, abscesses and puncture wounds. They can also be used to ice injuries. They are designed to be an easy way to apply treatment.

The best way to use soaking boots is to gently put the boot on the horse’s hoof that is inflicted. You will want to make sure you picked your horse’s hoof out prior to putting it in the boot. You will want to carefully fill the boot with warm water and Epsom salt or medicine, this step is generally done before putting it on your horse, but it may be done after too.

Most of the time the hoof only needs to be soaked for ten to twenty minutes, however, depending on the condition it may need to be longer. Soaking the hoof in the boot allows it to draw out the infection and soften the hoof. If you need to bandage the hoof after soaking, make sure it is completely dry.

Generally, you will only use the soaking boot only a few days in a row. It is best to talk to your veterinarian first to see what the best treatment for your horse will be.

Prerequisites to Using the Product

Before using a soaking boot, you will want to assess the condition of your horse’s hoof. It is often best to put the boot on your horse’s hoof prior to using so they are used to wearing it. Some horses do not like wearing things on their hooves.

If you are getting a sized soaking boot, you will want to determine what size will work best for your horse. You will also need to determine if you want a boot that can also go over the leg or just the hoof.

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