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Advantages of Wearing Long Pants Horseback Riding

Though it can be okay to wear shorts horseback riding, there are several advantages to wearing long pants while riding. Often, you will find you are more comfortable wearing long pants while riding, even if it is warm out.

Riding Pants

Riding pants are designed to provide grip, protection, and comfort while you ride. They are designed to fit snuggly and are often made with stretchy materials, allowing you to move comfortably. Most riding pants are made from cotton or polyester blends.

They are designed with knee patches that are often made from suede to provide additional grip and comfort for your leg while riding. Riding pants may also come in full seat, which means that they have a knee patch that extends up the leg to the seat of the pants, providing the ultimate grip.

Riding pants also come in different styles such as breeches, Kentucky jodhpurs, and riding tights. They also come in various weights, depending on summer and winter seasons. They are breathable and provide superior comfort while riding.


Jeans are also another popular choice of pants to wear riding, especially amongst western riders. They are easily accessible and versatile, as you can wear them riding or for everyday use.  

Though jeans may not have as much flexibility and breathability as riding pants, many people still love to ride in them. They provide comfort and protection for your legs. Some jeans are even specifically designed for horseback riding.

Jeans can ride up if you are riding in English saddles, so most people that ride English disciplines wear riding pants instead of jeans. Jeans are a great choice to wear if you are going out trail riding and don’t ride on a regular basis.

Riding in What is Suitable for You

Though wearing long pants are recommended while horseback riding, there is nothing wrong with wearing shorts if you are comfortable with it. Just be sure to check with the place you are riding at if it is okay to wear shorts, though if you have your own horse it is likely to be fine.

If you decide to ride in shorts, you may want to start out with a short ride to see if you get any sores or experience discomfort, before going out for a long ride. Though some people may like riding in shorts, not everyone likes it and many people do prefer long pants.

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