Labor & Delivery

The most important time for you and your child. This is the moment that you should prepare for the most. Giving birth is what we as women naturally know how to do, and yet when the moment comes, we often lose our heads and panic.

In movies, for example, it is often portrayed like this – the women grabs her belly, yells that the baby is coming, everyone is running in circles and nothing is organized. Sometimes it is accompanied by a grim and painful look from the pregnant women. The man/husband forgets what was he supposed to take, and total chaos ensues. It is only logical that you yourself don’t anticipate this moment with any particular joy and would gladly rather keep the baby in your belly till the end of the world than deal with it.

Of course, everyone experiences giving birth differently. Also, each one of us have a difference tolerance for pain, but there are methods to relief some of it and it doesn’t have to be dramatic at all.

That is why in this section, we bring you the most important tips, facts and myths that we will debunk. We will make sure that you are as comfortable as you can get when the right moment comes. Because we are sure that, in the end, you will be ready and know what to do, and it will be the happiest day in your life.