In the Before Pregnacy section, we will explore topics related to you and your readiness to have a baby, but also ask and answer the important questions.

We are aware that the decision to have a baby is a great responsibility, that is why every future mom should ask herself many questions before making the all important decision, often questions that you yourself didn’t even think about yet.

Fear not, however, as we will do our best to provide you with not only  the questions but give valid answers as well. We will not overreact as to how wonderful it is to be a mother, and we won’t forget to mention the harder aspects of mothership and the responsibility that it takes to be a mom, how it will change our lives, what sacrifices we will have to make, but also not forgetting how much joy it will bring us as well.

We will not only talk to and interview known moms from all over the world, but also from our own neighborhood as well, to provide as much authenticity as we can, backed up by professional opinions.

Remember that whatever help through hints and tips we will give you, the ultimate decision has to come from you, and whatever you decide on, we will do our best to help you have your Happy Beginning.