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Taking your baby on a plane

The thought of facing an airport and a flight soon after giving birth may fill you with horror. But actually you can take your baby to the skies from a very young age. Each airline sets its own minimum age for flight travel and this can range from two days to 14 days old. For a premature baby, this is usually counted from the due date, not the day they were born.

Some airlines may insist a newborn baby and mum have a GP’s note to say they are fit to fly before they will allow them on board. The main message when travelling with babies or small children is: plan ahead. It can save a lot of hassle later on. Forward planning will help you avoid a nightmarish journey. You don’t want to have a hungry baby who won’t accept cold milk, or be trapped in a window seat with your baby and be unable to get past other passengers. This needn’t happen if you plan ahead and check the details.

Every airline has different requirements, and it is really important you know what your airline can offer and what you need to provide If you’re travelling abroad, your baby will need her own passport. This can take a few weeks to get, so it’s best not to book that long-haul trip to America before the paperwork is organised. If your destination requires a visa, your baby will need one of those too.

Original article: https://www.babycentre.co.uk/a555536/best-flight-tips-for-families