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Pureeing Baby Food

Whenever you are preparing food for your baby the time you spent differs. Reasons for that are used methods and food, here is a simple process for preparing fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains for baby.

First you wash and peel the chosen food you’d like to use for your pureed baby food, cut the food into smaller pieces to be easier to mash. Next steam, boil, or bake the food until it’s very tender. Mash the cooked food until it’s smooth or until desired consistency is reached.

Spoon the food through a fine strainer or sieve to smooth the lumps and remove unprocessed parts of produce (this step may or may not be required).

Spoon the puree into single-serving dishes or storage containers; serve the puree to baby. Store it promptly for later use.

Photo credit: fred_v on VisualHunt / CC BY