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Pregnancy Week 4

Over the period of four weeks you finally have the answers, whether or not your baby efforts have paid off. Between the middle and end of this week you will have accurate results from a home pregnancy test.

While you wait for the time to come for your pregnancy test to be positive, at the same time your baby development has completed the first two weeks. This development is known as gestation period and is approximately the duration since the woman’s last menstrual period (LMP) began. Also interesting fact is that your baby now starts to grow inside you every 24 hours.

During this period you will not notice many changes in your body, accept missing a period. In some cases women are experiencing some light spotting around the time their period was due. But whatever you feel or notice that you can always consult your doctor. We hope this small introduction will give you some information on what happens when your pregnancy is at four weeks. For more you can always consult a doctor or read a book or both. If you want to know what happens at your first day of pregnancy click here to find out.