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Mums reveal the hardest thing about motherhood

Parenting is a huge melting pot of wonderful moments and times when it feels like the biggest struggle you’ve ever faced.

Every parent’s experience is different, but there’s no denying we’ve all found certain phases hard, or had days where we’ve been really really tested.

“Realising I’m not a natural. Really thought some of this would come naturally, but it’s not!”

“The loneliness! I didn’t even think about the fact that I would be on my own with her for 12hrs a day some days.”

“Multiple night feeds.”

“Breastfeeding when it can be really bloody painful!”

“Broken sleep. I’ve forgotten what a full night’s sleep feels like and it’s only been three months.”

“My body not being what it was. I’m loving being a mummy, but would enjoy it more if my body didn’t feel 20 years older with a viral infection that won’t disappear.”

“Not feeling like I exist.”

“Not having any family around that can take my baby, even for an hour so I can have a break.”

“The strain on my relationship with my partner.”

“My baby not taking a bottle.”

“How much weight I put on during pregnancy, as I worked so hard to get it off before getting pregnant.”

“Failing at breastfeeding.”

“The feeling of utter helplessness when she’s sobbing and I can’t fix it.”

Original article: https://www.babycentre.co.uk/blog/mum_stories/mums-reveal-the-hardest-thing-about-motherhood/