Happy Mothers Fashion and Gear Show

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Kids Pret-a-Porter, Fashion and Gear Show is the first show for parents that value comfort and luxury for themselves and their kids. The fashion show is happening this summer in Newbury Park, CA. High-end international brands such as Stokke, Versace, Kenzo, Jean Paul Gaultier, Mima and Silver Cross will be featured.

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The Baby Gear and Fashion show is dedicated to babies and their parents. This is a series of events presenting the “streets of fashion.” The show will have a Parisian theme – the capital of elegancy and is happening early this summer.

The purpose of this show is to present a unique perspective on parenthood paired with fashion. We want to show parents, mothers especially, that you don’t have to compromise between being a parent and remaining elegant and fashionable. We also desire to illustrate beautiful streets with happy, good looking couples walking down the avenues, couples that didn’t have to say “No” to good taste after they entered parenthood.

Well-known models and children will represent the Fashion Show. The children’s models have represented byBensimon Model Agency and their stable include models that have done campaigns for international powerhouses such as Dolce & Gabbana, BMW, Zara, H&M, and Converse. Another key point will be their charity auction, and presenting the winner of Ma-Gu Stroller Awards.

The fashion show will be located outside surrounded beautiful scenery. It will be the perfect combination of European high-end fashion and luxurious summer picnic.

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