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Google files patent for ‘Intelligent Toys’

Google has just announced their new “next generation” project that focuses on developing toys that will be able to interact with your children. The toys will come equipped with cameras, speakers and microphones so it can listen, make eye contact and speak. Besides, the patent revealed that the toy would be able to express curiosity, by tilting its head, furrowing its brow and scratching its head with an arm. Via Bluetooth or Wireless Internet the toys probably will be able to interact with cloud-based computers and manage other media devices, your child could for example command the toy to turn on a certain show on the telly. For now it’s still unclear when (and if) the toys will actually enter the market. The patent, that just has been published, was filed already back in 2012 meaning that Google is working on the development for quite some time now.


What are your thoughts on this patent?  Possibly groundbreaking and educative for the kids in this high tech era, or a bit too intrusive regarding the privacy of your children?

Let us know what you think!