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Dressing a Baby

Newborn babies aren’t big fans of getting dressed and undressed, so a good advice is to keep clothing simple. Choosing sleep suits with snaps or a zipper down the front will make the job easier. The early days when your baby is in and out of bed or having his or hers diaper changed during the day. In general, your baby should be wearing one more layer than you, don’t exaggerate with dressing too much. As a pointer for how hot or cold your baby is, put a finger down the back of his or hers neck. He or she should feel warm rather than too hot or cold. If it’s too hot or too cold redress them.

Newborns babies often have cooler hands and feet. So having sleepers with feet is good and nice idea. Sometimes your babies can be irritated by something, don’t panic, just check the clothing labels and cut them. Many manufacturers today are printing information on the material so tags are becoming rare. 

Photo credit: StarsApart on Visualhunt / CC BY