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Diaper Rash

Diaper rash occurs on your baby’s bottom or genital area. Main cause are ammonia from stool and urine saying on his or hers skin. When your baby has diaper rash it is very uncomfortable for them. So when changing be prepared to meet some resistance.

If you want to cure it, don’t wait for rash to happen. The best way is to prevent it from happening. When you change a diaper, first wash your baby bottom with warm water and wipe it with soft cloth. Then make sure everything is dry and apply powder or diaper cream before dressing on. A good idea is to leave your baby without a diaper so his or hers skin is exposed to sunlight and air. Make sure you do this some time when you can monitor their activity and of course not to live them all day without diaper.

Now if your baby has developed diaper rash, a good way to treat it is with zinc – based creams. Don’t forget your baby hygiene, always use clean cloths and other needed accessories. Not all babies react same at all products, so you’ll need to change and experiment with different products and see what works best for your baby. And remember if nothing helps you can always consult a doctor. If you want some tips and advice on how to change diapers click here.