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Baby massage

Massaging your baby is not the same as you going to masseuse. It should be approached with care, gentle rubbing like having something fragile in your hands. Baby massage is god for the little ones, their skin is better moisturized and also they develop better sense for touch.

When massaging your baby you can really express your nurturing toward them. It is good to sing, chat and of course your spent time with them. This helps their overall development. So if it is for the good of your baby don’t wait.

Best time of the day is after bathing or before going into bed. Warm water from bathing calm as relaxes them and the massage will help even more. Before bed is good to calm and relax the baby so you can have a good sleep. Maybe this short guide will help you with you baby care.

Photo credit: Ozchin on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-SA