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5 Ways To Stop Your Child From Stealing

There are many moments in your life as a parent that you may feel distressed. Learning that your child is stealing can be one of the most devastating experiences. While older kids might steal owing to peer pressure, younger ones might be doing it without even realizing that it is wrong. Kids tend to steal from their parents, siblings, friends, relatives or do shop lifting for various reasons. If your kid is doing the same, it could be as a result of any of the following:

  1. Not Having Self-Control:

Your child may not have control over his actions and could just steal whatever he sees in front of him.

  1. Longing For An Expensive Item:

When your kid yearns for something very expensive, which he might feel that you may not be able to afford, he may tend to steal or shoplift.

  1. Peer Pressure:

Your kid may be in the wrong company at school or in neighbourhood where he comes in contact with others. He might have a friend who loves stealing things from others and this pressure can kindle the stealing behavior in children too.

  1. To Gain Attention:

When your kid feels that he is not getting enough attention from his teacher or you, he might feel the need to do something like stealing to get your attention.

  1. For Fun:

Your kid may steal without knowing that this activity is wrong. He may take things which are not useful for him, only to have some fun.

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